Baseus Graceful Car Fragrance Metal Car Air Freshener 120 Days Long-lasting Scent CNZX000014 Dark Tarnish



Baseus Graceful car fragrance / air freshener for the air vents

Car fragrance by Baseus, not only sprays, a pleasant scent inside your car, but also looks extremely stylish. The product is equipped with three natural fragrances that distribute a pleasant scent inside your car.

Durable and well-thought-out design

The air freshener was created from durable zinc alloy, which is resistant to scratches and other damages. The simple linear design fits perfectly into the air vents and enhances the vehicle interior. With the vent on, the fragrance will spray quickly and intensively, while without the vent on, you will get a softer but still noticeable scent. What’s more, the dual port allows it to fit into any car.

3 amazing scents

The product has 3 types of natural scents. From refreshing tangerine, lavender to sandalwood. Charming cologne – is a journey from innocent delicate scents to more mature and noticeable ones. Vibrant orange will transport you to memories of summer. Perceptible notes of lime and sweet orange. Marine freedom, on the other hand, will make you feel like you’re in the car of the sun on the beach.

Safety and convenience of use

The fragrances are all-natural and safe for children and pregnant women. On top of that, they are characterized by incredible durability, so you don’t have to replace them too often. One air freshener is enough for 120 days of use. The metallic magnetic design allows you to quickly install the equipment.