Remax Earphone TWS-29


Function – As soon as the earbuds are removed from the case, both earbuds will turn
red and blue, and one earbuds will turn off.
The other earbuds will continue to red and blue light.
If the bluetooth is connected, both earbuds will turn off when the bluetooth
is connected.
If the change language to Chinese from English modes(right or left),
earbuds 5 click.
Play/Pause(left or right) one click.
To next song right earbud two click.
Two click left earbuds previous song.
To answer a call & endcall(left or right) earbud one click.
Press and hold(left or right) earbuds for 2 seconds to reject an incoming call.
3 clicks left earbud to increase volume.
3 clicks right earbud to decrease volume.
When charging the case, slowly red light flashes and power full red light is
When charging the earbuds, the red light is on, case show the blue light and
power full red light goes off.
Once the charging case is charged, the earbuds can be recharged 2 times.


Model – TWS-29

Color – Blue

Wireless Version – V5.1

Transmission distance – 10m

Frequency response – 20Hz-20KHz

Impendance – 32ohm

Rated power – 30mW

Input – DC5V-1A

Charging box size – 45.1*44.2*21.45mm

Net weight – 26g

Charging case battery capacity – 200mAh

Earbuds battery capacity – 35mAh

Charging time of charging case – 3hrs

Play time – 4-4:30 hrs

Charging time to earbuds – 2 hrs

Charging port – Micro