Smart watch U78 plus

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ვარდისფერი, თეთრი, შავი

Model: U78 Plus Smart Watch

Body size: 44mm * 38mm * 12.5mm
Screen size: 1.54 inches
Resolution: 240 * 240
Touch method: full touch
TP: G + F fits perfectly
Battery capacity: 200mAH
Cover material: 2.5D tempered glass
Body material: zinc alloy
Processor: BLE5.0
Heart rate sensor
External flash: 64M
Human body temperature sensor: NTC high precision temperature sensor
Vibration: Motor
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
Charger interface: contact type
Display screen: 240 * 240 1.54 inches
Button: 1 touch switch (definition: long press to switch the machine, short press to open the screen in the off state, short press to return to the main interface in the open state, short press to close the screen in the time interface
Knob: Knob incremental encoder
User interface interface: can achieve smooth interactive dynamic user interface effects
Android system version: above 4.4
IOS system version: 8.4 or higher, iOS 5S or higher


Main function:

Bluetooth voice call: support
Call keyboard: support
Siri composition: support
Address book synchronization: supports up to 1000 entries
Call records: up to 50 can be saved
Message reminder: support, save up to 15 items (can be deleted)

Time display: support
Count: Support
Calories: Support
Distance: Support
Sports mode: support (yoga/disc machine/climbing/swimming/running/strike)

Raise your hand to illuminate the screen: Support

Sleep tracking: support
Running track: support
Call reminder: support
Sedentary reminder: support
Synchronization time: support

Alarm clock reminder: support

Shake photos: support
Find phone: support
Remind to drink water: support
Do not disturb mode: support
Looking for a bracelet: Support
Dial-up switching: supported (the application requires 8 or more dial-ups to switch)
Time point measurement: support
Body temperature detection: support

Heart rate: support

Blood pressure: support
Blood oxygen: support
Health: Support
Health Weekly: Support
Bluetooth name: support customization
Information push: support
Application name: V band
Charging method: 2PIN magnetic charging (anti-reverse connection)
OTA upgrade: support

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ვარდისფერი, თეთრი, შავი


ვარდისფერი, თეთრი, შავი